Battle Of Crab

Battle Of Crab 3

A retro action indie game with RPG/Explore/Collecting elements.

A retro action indie game with RPG/Explore/Collecting elements.

Action Game with RPG/Explore/Collection elements.

Except main character Edgar, You can find 3 other heros who would fight together with you.

Collect hiden treasures to strengthen heros.

Your behaviours in game would lead to different endings.

3 mini games in 'Extra Mode' awaits you to open.

Idie game.

Developed with cocos2dx engine.

1 developer(Design/Program/Art) 1.5 years development period.

This game looks not so attractive on graphic, but you cannot stop playing if only you try it for 5 minutes.

This game has 24 chapters totally.

Easy to play in first several chapters, but it'll become a hardcore action game from 13rd chapter which gives players great challenge.

2 different endings (Light/Dark) depends on what player does in game, reach each of the ending would open a new mini game in 'Extra Mode'.

Player has 1 protagonist at first, with the story goes, 3 other character would join. They have different skills, you need to make good use of them to deal with different enemies and boss.

Battle Of Crab


Battle Of Crab 3

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